Nikon’s Best – New Z6II and Z7II

Nikon’s Best – New Z6II and Z7II

Nikon’s Best – New Z6II and Z7II

Nikon has finally revealed its two new mirrorless cameras; the Nikon Z 7II and Nikon Z 6II. In the second generation of the Z series, Nikon is offering full-frame mirrorless cameras with better speed and better performance compared to their predecessors.

The Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II have the same design and use the same sensors as the first generation. Alongside this  Nikon has included a second memory card slot, improved processing power, enhanced autofocus, increased buffer capacity and more.

Nikon has expanded the Z series by presenting its two versatile mirrorless cameras packed with various improved features while maintaining the popular features of the award-winning predecessors of the Z series; the Z6 and Z7.

Let’s dive into the details and find out more about these fantastic new cameras.

Nikon Z 6II

nikon Z6II

The Z 6II is built keeping videographers in mind. It is one of the most versatile Z series mirrorless cameras to date. The Z 6II offers more speed, more power, better low-light ability, and advanced multimedia features. It is a great choice for anyone who wants a pro-level performance camera.

Image and Video Quality

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The 24.5-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor of the Nikon Z 6II enables you to capture high-quality stills and videos. Besides, the Z 6II has an ISO range from 100 to 51,200, which is expandable up to ISO 204,800. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the Z 6II, you can shoot excellent quality images and videos even in low light.

Like the impressive video capabilities of the Z6, the Nikon Z 6II can record 4K ultra-HD videos with full pixel readout. This awesome feature is found in almost all mirrorless cameras. Z 6II is capable of many frames per second, including 4K 30p and full-HD 120p for slow motion. The 4K ultra-HD 60p will be available in 2021 with full pixel readout.


Nikon Z 6II can easily track the subject with its enhanced AF system featuring 273 on-sensor phase-detect autofocus points. The subject tracking is possible throughout the frame. Z 6II is capable of meeting the creative needs of any videographer with its high AF speed and tracking sensitivity.

Nikon Z 6II is a superb camera for capturing images and videos at night. The camera can acquire focus in low light scenarios, and it can even focus on half the light, down to -4.5 EV5. What’s more is that the indicators for focus peaking, timecodes, and zebra stripes help videographers capture the best possible footage.

The Nikon Z 6II and the Nikon Z 7II are the first Nikon cameras that support Animal-Detection AF and Eye-Detection AF. It allows you to focus only on the eyes of the subject you want to capture. With Z 6II, you can record videos with a continuous focus on the eyes of humans, cats, and dogs.

Dual EXPEED 6 Processors

The addition of Dual EXPEED 6 image processors in Nikon Z 6II has resulted in the camera having a faster continuous shooting rate, increased buffer performance, and significantly reduced blackout times in the viewfinder.

The Z 6II has more than five times the buffer capacity of the Z 6. The continuous shooting rate has also improved from the 12 fps possible in Z 6 to almost 14 fps in Z 6II. Also, the number of shots in a single burst of continuous shooting has increased from 35 shots to 124 truly amazing shots.

Furthermore, Nikon offers an optional ProRes RAW upgrade for Z 6II, which provides greater colour grading flexibility. If you want additional battery life, Nikon Z 6II is also compatible with an optional MB-N11 Power Battery Pack.

Nikon Z 7II


The Nikon Z 7II is an absolute masterpiece. The ultra-high-resolution of Nikon Z 7II makes it ideal for professionals who want to capture exceptional quality images and videos with impeccable details.


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Just like Z 6II, the Z 7II supports Animal-Detection AF and Eye-Detection AF with video recording. Another fantastic feature of the Nikon Z 7II is that it can maintain the focus position even if the camera is turned off.

The 493 on-sensor phase-detect autofocus points of Z 7II are capable of covering about 90 percent of the frame. The camera can focus quickly and accurately on subjects, even at the far edges. Since Z 7II can acquire focus in low light (as low as -3 EV5), it is a versatile tool for capturing low-light scenes and indoor events.

The subject-tracking AF supported by Nikon Z 7II works the same as the 3D-tracking of digital SLR cameras, you can also assign subject tracking to one of the custom controls.

Dual EXPEED 6 Processors

The second-generation Z cameras of Nikon are equipped with Dual EXPEED 6. The Z 7II employs two EXPEED 6 image-processing engines, which significantly increase the number of shots in a single burst of continuous shooting, a.k.a. the buffer capacity.

Z 7II has about three times the buffer capacity of the Z 7 and comes with an increased 10 fps maximum shooting speed at full resolution in the Continuous H (extended). The Nikon Z 7II is capable of handling fast burst rates expertly. Moreover, the newly added energy-saving option in the Z 7II increases the number of possible shots to 380 shots.

The exclusive N-Log function of Nikon is included in both Z 7II and Z 6II, which helps to achieve a broad dynamic range with 10-bit video output. Lastly, the addition of a UHS-II SD card slot combined with the lone XQD/CF express slot (previously) in the Nikon Z 7II and Nikon Z 6II offers you immediate backups for your shots and videos.

Brand New MB-N11 Grip

Nikon MB-N11

The previous MB MB-N10 had the hot battery function but offered no portrait mode controls. The new MB-11 is great for portrait photographers who shoot vertically. The landscape photographer will still retain the hot battery swap functionality with the added ability to take images in portrait mode. Unfortunately, the MB-N11 is unique for the Nikon Z 7II and Z 6II mirrorless cameras, a decision that may upset the initial adopters of the Nikon mirrorless system (myself included). Unless this was for a technical reason, this was a little short-sighted of Nikon.

The MB-N11 Multi-Power Battery Pack has a vertical shutter button, main and sub-command dials, AF-ON button, sub-selector and Fn buttons. The batteries are again hot-swappable extending the battery run indefinitely as long as you have a charged battery to hand.

First Impressions

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I think Nikon has struck gold with the introduction of these new mirrorless cameras which appear to address the concerns with the original Z6 and Z7. Now with more processing power from the two new Exceed 6 processors in both cameras and twin cards for instant backups. A new MB-N11 is a fully functional grip with Fn buttons, enabling portrait images without searching for controls on the body, it retains the hot-swap battery function. 

My next blog will compare the Nikon Z6 with its replacement the Nikon Z6II, “is it worth the upgrade”?


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