LANKELEISI RV800Plus Electric Bike

The Lankeleisi Company

Founded in 2011, the company has experienced substantial growth and is now widely recognised as a global e-bike brand. The company is committed to research and development, manufacturing, and the global marketing of high-quality bicycles, electric bicycles, and associated products. Its products have gained popularity across the world.

First Impressions

The Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike is an impressive and aesthetically pleasing electric bike. This remarkable machine is constructed using top-tier components, featuring Shimano Gears (M310), Kendo Tires (26in4.0), and DNM Suspension Technology with mid-frame oil sprung adjustable suspension (AOY-36RC). Additionally, the front forks are equipped with Lankeleisi 34 oil-sprung technology, which is also adjustable to meet your riding preferences.

The Lankeleisi RV800Plus frame is made from Aluminium 6061* (the welds are all uniform and demonstrate a high skill level). The frame has been electrostatically painted for excellent coverage and durability. The brakes are ZOOM HB-876 sensor-type double hydraulic disc brakes, the system uses four (4) hydraulic pistons and large ventilated discs.

The Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike is powered by a Bafang 48V 750W high-speed brushless motor that is lightweight but efficient. It features a star gear design, enhancing torque and improving energy conversion efficiency. The design reduces energy consumption, delivers quieter operation, and extends range.

*6061 aluminium offers a range of favourable attributes, including excellent weldability, machinability, corrosion resistance, and workability. 

Please be advised that the box containing the Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike has a substantial weight of 45kg. For the safe and efficient unboxing of the product, we kindly recommend that two individuals handle this task. The box is secured using large staples in addition to a robust adhesive to ensure its integrity.

It is worth noting that the packaging of the bike has been meticulously designed to provide maximum protection during transportation. In fact, it stands as one of the most comprehensive packaging solutions we have encountered to date. We commend Lankeleisi for their dedication to safeguarding the investment of their customers.

We are pleased to report that upon inspection, the Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike exhibits no signs of damage, not even a single scratch. The RV800Plus left the factory in near-perfect condition.

Most of the packaging is recyclable, and the amount of plastic waste is kept to a minimum

Accessory Box

Lankeleisi includes a comprehensive accessory box including:

  • Metal Pedal Arm
  • 2 x Foot Pedals
  • Yuda Allen Keys Set x 9 Allen Keys
  • Tonyon Bike Lock and 2 x Keys
  • 3 Pin Adaptor
  • Unbranded Mini Bike Pump (Poor Quality)
  • Zheng Gong 15mm Spanner
  • Wuxi DPower Battery Charger Input: 110-240v 50/60Hz – 2.4A Output: 56.4v – 3.0A
  • E-Bike User Manual – Colour

In general, the accessories provided exhibit a satisfactory level of quality. However, it’s worth noting that the inclusion of the bike pump, while understandable, falls short of our expectations and detracts from the overall package.

Access Box NV800

The Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike arrives to you with the added convenience of being 80% pre-assembled at the factory, streamlining the setup process. To prepare for your riding experience, you’ll only need to complete a few key installations, including attaching the handlebars, front wheel, pedals/arm, and front light.

Please be aware that the bike manual provided with the Lankeleisi RV800Plus is a generic guide and may not contain specific instructions tailored to this model.

One notable detail to address is the handlebar mount, which is initially positioned inward for secure transportation. To adjust it properly, you’ll need to rotate it 180 degrees. However, it’s essential to note that the front forks can obstruct this rotation in either direction. Unfortunately, the manual does not provide guidance on achieving this adjustment without removing the entire bracket. To resolve this, you can follow these steps:

  • Loosen the front forks and gently lower the suspension.
  • Rotate the handlebar bracket to the desired orientation.
  • Reset and secure the forks in the adjusted position.

Attaching the handlebars is a straightforward process. It involves removing four screws and two brackets, allowing you to align the handlebars as needed before reattaching the brackets.

For the front light installation, start by loosening the bolt and removing the headlamp from its packing position. This may require cutting a tie clip to unplug and reroute the connecting wire. The wire features a ‘push-to-fit’ fastening mechanism with a small aligning tab to prevent damage.

The headlamp comes with an adjustable bracket that can be loosened using two bolts, one on each side. Additionally, the front mudguard attaches to the same headlamp bolt, so ensure that this is done before tightening the nut. The headlamp also has two tabs that rest on the cross member, so be cautious to avoid any scratches to the paint. To ensure everything is in working order, we recommend testing the headlamp at this stage, and you should find it operating flawlessly.

To install the rear mudguard, follow these steps:

  • Begin by removing the bolt located just in front of the rear wheel.
  • Attach the mudguard to the designated position.
  • Secure it firmly with the bolt, making sure the mudguard is positioned clear of the rear wheel.

To attach the front wheel, please take note of the following instructions:

  • Invert the bike, and it’s advisable to have someone assist you with this task for stability. 
  • Once the bike is securely positioned, locate the bolt connecting the forks and the high-density foam packing. Remove this bolt carefully.
  • Locate the two round blanks on the front wheel’s hub; these are typically friction fit and can be removed by gently pulling them out.

To install the wheel, follow these steps for a smooth and secure attachment:

  • Align the brake disc with the brake callipers.
  • Insert the axle bolt and proceed to tighten it.
  • Ensure that the nut aligns perfectly with the squared opening in the front fork during the tightening process to prevent any potential damage.

Install the pedal shaft and pedals, this is a straightforward process, just ensure that the pedals are aligned at 90 deg to each other and the pedals are attached on the correct sides of the bike.

Congratulations the Lankeleisi RV800Plus is complete, minus any small adjustment needed. Please also recheck all the bolts and fasting’s to ensure they have been tightened, prior to riding.

LCD Information Display

The Lankeleisi RV800Plus is supplied with an LCD monitor, the monitor displays the following:

  • Power Display – Battery Charge
  • Speed: Current, Max, Average in KM/H and in MPH
  • Total Mileage, Trip, Max and Average Speeds
  • Headlight ON/OFF
  • Cruise ON/OFF
  • Fault Diagnosis
  • E-Bike Mode: Pure Electric (PAS 1-5), Power Assist (PAS 1-5) Riding (PAS 0)


  • 00 – Normal Status
  • 06 – Battery/Low Voltage
  • 07 – Motor Failure
  • 08 – Turning Handle Failure
  • 09 – Controller Failure
  • 10 – Communication Fault

The above codes will appear on the LCD screen.

LCD Screen NV800 Plus

Control Pad

The control pad is located on the left side of the handlebar, it consists of five (5) active sections that require long and short presses depending on the associated functions.

  • Central is the ON/OFF switch – Long Press ON/ Long Press OFF
  • The +/- Symbols Select the Power Levels (PAS)
  • The Light Symbol Powers ON/OFF Headlight
  • Press and hold the – Symbol to Enter Electric Assist Push Mode – Repeat to Disable this Mode
  • Cruise Control is Enabled by Long Pressing the – Symbol whilst travelling in Electric Mode at a desired Speed – Cruise is Disengaged by Touching the Brake or Long Pressing the – Symbol

Handlebar Controls

The Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike handlebar controls are logically laid out much like a conventional non-electrical bike. From left to right the controls are:

  • Front Brake
  • Control Pad
  • Horn (95dB)
  • LCD Main Display
  • Suspension Adjust Knob
  • Gear Shifter
  • Accelerator
  • Rear Brake

*When braking, please use the rear brake first and then gently apply the front brake to avoid the bike becoming unstable.

The Lankeleisi RV800Plus comes equipped with an innovative 48V20Ah 21700 lithium battery pack, seamlessly incorporated into the frame to achieve a streamlined and inconspicuous design. This battery boasts not only waterproof and dust-resistant properties but also features dual protective mechanisms to ensure a consistent and reliable power output.

When operated solely on electric power, it effortlessly covers distances ranging from 60 to 70 kilometres. Switch to power-assisted mode, and you’ll be amazed as the range extends to an impressive 120-150 kilometres. Recharging the battery takes 4-6 hours, depending on the current battery charge level. Plus, the convenience of charging in situ or alternatively off the Lankeleisi RV800Plus.

**The battery is heavy, please be careful lifting it off and on the bike.

All the prechecks are finished it’s time to take this impressive machine on the road. Please wear a protective bike helmet the Lankeleisi RV800Plus can travel at 52KM/H in just 4.9 seconds.

Today, I’m excited to take you on a thrilling journey as we explore the incredible Lankeleisi RV800Plus electric mountain bike. With its rugged design and powerful performance, this two-wheeler is ready to conquer both off-road trails and urban streets. get ready for an electrifying ride!

A Comfortable Companion for Your Adventures

The Lankeleisi RV800Plus isn’t about muscle; it’s designed for comfort too. Featuring an adjustable seat securely locked in place with a compression lever, this bike promises a ride that’s not only exciting but also comfortable. Thanks to its midframe and front suspension, it can effortlessly absorb bumps, ensuring you have a smooth journey.

Embarking on My First Electric Bike Adventure

As someone who had never experienced an electric bike before, I was eager to embark on this adventure. The bike was initially set in (PAS-1) mode, and I controlled the acceleration using the convenient grip on the right handlebar. To my delight, this mode offered a smooth and comfortable acceleration experience. During my ride, I had the opportunity to test each power assistance mode, ranging from (PAS-1 to 5), and I was pleasantly surprised by how seamlessly the electrical assistance was delivered.

Seamless Gear Shifting

Managing the Shimano gear selection was a breeze, with two levers located on the right side of the handlebars. The inner lever shifts up through the gears, while the outer one shifts down. The gear changes felt as quick and precise as those on a traditional non-electric bike.

Effortless Control Over Power Modes

Controlling the power modes while in motion was effortless. The control pad on the left side of the handlebar responded instantly, allowing me to seamlessly switch between various functions.

Bright LCD Panel for Easy Monitoring

The main LCD panel proved to be a star, offering bright and readable displays in most lighting conditions. Even under the brightest natural light, it remained discernible.

Effortless Uphill Riding

Cruising at a steady speed of 25 km/h was a breeze, thanks to the mechanical gear set in fifth (5th) and the power assistance set to five (5). The bike’s intelligent system automatically adjusted the power output to match the effort required to pedal, making uphill rides feel effortless.

Exceptional Suspension and Traction

The bike’s suspension system effortlessly handled deep ruts while maintaining ride comfort without causing any instability. Kenda tires provided exceptional traction on both roads and rough terrains, including loose gravel. What’s more, the bike operated quietly, with only a faint hum from the Bafang motor during the ride.

Effective Mudguards with a Small Quirk

The included mudguards, though compact, effectively served their purpose. However, it’s worth noting that the rear mudguard occasionally bounced and contacted the back of the seat and the riders behind.

Impressive Brakes for Total Control

Lastly, the bike’s brakes were a standout feature. Requiring no adjustments, they brought the bike to a smooth and controlled stop, even at high speeds. Large, ventilated brake discs and hydraulic pads played a pivotal role in delivering this exceptional braking performance.

A Thrilling Ride Awaits

In summary, my adventure with the Lankeleisi RV800Plus electric mountain bike left me thoroughly impressed. It’s a versatile and capable ride that excels in various conditions, from urban streets to challenging off-road trails. 

The Lankeleisi company has produced an amazing machine in the Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain, it’s well-designed with superb build quality and meticulous attention to detail.



  • Generic Manual – Not Specific for Lankeleisi RV800Plus
  • Poor Quality Accessories 
  • No 8mm Spanner Included


The Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike is an exceptional machine, yet there are some suggestions and recommendations for further improvement:

  • Provide small rubber adhesive pads for the front light. These can be applied to the tabs on the front light to avoid damaging the frame.
  • Consider removing low-quality accessories. Customers do not expect the bike supplier to include items like a pump and lock, which can detract from the overall excellent experience.
  • Ensure the correct and specific manual is included with the bike. The absence of a proper manual can lead to unnecessary frustration and time wastage.
  • Supply the appropriate battery lead tailored to the destination country. Using adaptors may not be the most ideal solution.
  • Utilise galvanised steel for the supplied front light bracket to prevent corrosion and enhance durability.

These enhancements can further elevate the Lankeleisi RV800Plus as an outstanding choice for biking enthusiasts.


If you’re in the market for a top-tier electric bike, the Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike stands as a truly exceptional choice. From the moment it arrives, the attention to detail in packaging and shipping is evident, with a sturdy, well-protected box ensuring the bike reaches you in impeccable condition.

What’s more, the environmentally conscious will appreciate that most of the packing materials are recyclable, underlining the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

While it’s true that the Lankeleisi RV800Plus isn’t among the budget-friendly e-bikes, its price aligns perfectly with the outstanding quality it delivers. This is a bike that leaves little room for fault finding.

Once you’re on the saddle, the ride is not only comfortable but also boasts smooth power delivery. With a remarkable range of 150 kilometres and the ability to easily maintain a speed of 25 kilometres per hour with consistent pedalling and PAS-5, this electric bike impresses on multiple fronts.

In conclusion, the Lankeleisi RV800Plus mountain bike is nothing short of a fabulous e-bike, and we wholeheartedly recommend it without any reservations. For more details, please check out the links below, and may you enjoy every moment of your biking adventures.


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  1. This E-Bike is not suitable for a woman, because she drives only on the streets of a small city.

    Isn´t that so?

    • The e-bike is for everybody Arja, its great in the country and great in an urban environment. Thanks for the comment and support of Gaelic Memories Photography

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