Atezr V35w Plus Laser – Review 2023

atezr v35w body

The Atezr Company

Atezr, a global technology brand, is renowned for its unwavering commitment to creativity. Their mission revolves around equipping users with innovative tools that enable the creation of unforgettable memories. Drawing inspiration from exploration and a deep desire to enhance our lives, Atezr caters to the diverse needs of individuals from various walks of life. Whether you’re an artist, engineer, workshop owner, small business owner, or a parent seeking to craft a unique DIY gift for your child, Atezr is dedicated to bringing every imaginative idea to life.

Years of meticulous research have culminated in a remarkable technological breakthrough in laser engraving machines for Atezr. Their unwavering pursuit of innovation drives their efforts, as they continue to strive towards turning more dreams into reality.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Atezr for providing the Atezr V35w Plus for this review. It is important to note that this review remains unbiased, independent, and uninfluenced by the manufacturer.

Atezr V35w Plus

The Atezr V35w Plus arrived well-packed (supported by foam) in a box weighing 17.7kg and measuring 740mm x 553mm x 140mm.
Mainframe machine parts are heavy-duty extruded aluminium ribbed to provide extra stability.
Packaging List of Parts

atezr v35w parts list

Construction of the Atezr V35w Plus

To date, I have constructed a total of six (6) laser machines from different suppliers, and among them, the Atezr V35w Plus stands out as one of the most user-friendly (alongside the Atezr P10W). Its assembly process is remarkably straightforward, requiring only around 15 minutes to complete. What truly sets it apart, however, is the exceptional build quality it offers at its price point. In fact, it surpasses other lasers on the market that cost twice as much as the Atezr. The robust frame exhibits remarkable sturdiness, devoid of any flex, thereby ensuring the precise and accurate movement of the laser head. For assistance in constructing the Atezr V35w Plus, I highly recommend checking out the video provided below, which serves as an excellent demonstration by the knowledgeable team at Atezr. Don’t forget to show your support by subscribing to their YouTube page and joining the community of Atezr creators. Follow this link:



The manufacturer claims it can support 200-300 kg loads. I can confirm this truly is a robust machine, built like a tank. The maximum speed of the Atezr V35w Plus is 24800mm/min (976.38 in/min) with a claimed precision of 0.01mm. The laser spot size is 0.06mm*0.1mm with a claimed engraving accuracy of 0.004 inches. The V35w laser module (max output 36W) consists of six 6W diodes and can cut 35mm wood in two (2) passes and 12 mm black acrylic in one pass. I will test the capability of the new laser below. The working area of the laser is a large 430 x *430mm with a V35w laser head. The laser is designed for a long life and aims to deliver 90% of power after 30,000 hours of use.

Atezr has worked hard to ensure that the V35w Plus is compatible with a wide range of available software, including the Atezr Mobile App (Android and IOS), LaserGBRL and Lightburn. Atezr is compatible with Window version through XP/10, macOS and Linux systems. File data can transfer by USB cable, WIFI and SD/TF card. The machine can use the following file types:

  • SVG
  • DXF
  • JPG
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • BMP
  • TIF
  • CR2

Atezr V35W Control Box

The Atezr V35w Plus boasts a valuable addition in the form of a control box, offering users the convenience of engraving without the need for an external PC. Positioned at the front left of the machine, this magnetic control box proves to be an ingenious solution. Its strong magnet ensures a secure attachment, keeping the control box firmly in place. Prior to utilizing the control box for engraving, it is essential to preload the design or image onto the TF card.

Navigating through the control box touchscreen is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive menus. However, it’s worth noting that the touchscreen emits a rather shrill sound, which can be easily disabled within the menu system. While perusing the files on the SD card, it seems that only the filenames are displayed, without a preview of the actual content.

When it comes to control responsiveness, the Atezr V35w Plus shines. The controls offer exceptional sensitivity, enabling seamless movement of the laser head along the Y-axis and X-axis, as well as homing the laser.

Overall, the inclusion of the control box enhances the user experience, providing greater flexibility and ease of operation. With its magnetic attachment, user-friendly touchscreen, and responsive controls, the Atezr V35w Plus sets a new standard for convenience in laser engraving.



The wheels carrying the laser gantry are made of stainless steel with a hard composite material to reduce travel wear and increase laser accuracy.


There are limit switches on both the X-axis and Y-axis to prevent collisions of the gantry and laser head into the frame. The limit switches allow the software to identify the current location of the laser head.


The Atezr V35 Plus uses a new visible laser protective glass that can filter 97% of UV rays. The glass design and cooling fan housing avoid burns when working at high temperatures and extend the machine’s service life.  Please note whilst the glass reduces the users’ exposure to UV light, I would always wear certified laser glasses supplied with the Atezr V35w Plus. The new design laser head also incorporates a new laser focus lever allowing the laser head to be adjusted easily.

atezr v35w laserhead

Laser Head Construction

atezr laser head v35w expolded view

Atezr Air Assist

The Atezr air assist comes well packaged in dense foam to protect the unit from damage during transportation. The air assist is constructed from anodised aluminium and feels quality. Power is regulated by a silver control knob on top of the air assist housing with a white gauge (off to max). At the end of the unit, there are two connections for DC power and air out. On the base of the air assist unit, there are four pads to suppress vibrations and reduce noise whilst in operation. The unit comes supplied with an AC adapter and Rubber Tubing.


The ATEZR air pump is an essential accessory for any laser engraving and cutting machine. It works by blowing air onto the surface of the material being engraved or cut, helping to remove debris and reduce fire risk.

The ATEZR air pump is designed for use with the ATEZR 35W laser machine, and it works seamlessly with the machine’s built-in air assist feature. This feature allows you to adjust the air pressure and flow rate to suit the material.

Here are some of the benefits of using the ATEZR air pump:

– Improved engraving and cutting quality
– Increases the lifespan of your laser machine by preventing debris buildup
– Reduces the risk of fires caused by debris or combustible materials

In conclusion, the ATEZR air pump helps you take your laser engraving and cutting projects to the next level.


Health and Safety

The Atezr P10W Laser is built with safety in mind and features many safety protections to keep the user safe.

  • Laser Protection Cover – To prevent exposure to harmful laser light, I strongly recommend ALWAYS wearing suitable protective glasses. Laser light can damage eyesight instantly, even reflected laser light.
  • Limit Switches – Both the X and Y-Axis have physical limit switches to prevent the laser head and gantry from crashing into the frame.
  • Emergency Button – A large emergency button rapidly stops the machine in case of malfunction.
  • Reset Button – To reset the machine’s settings in case of unexpected operation or failure.
  • One Button – Only one button to restart the machine.


Atezr App

Atezr supplies a mobile app for both IOS and Android allowing the user to connect wirelessly with the Atezr V35w Plus. The app has a simple layout and is easy to navigate. The app requests to join the laser to the local wifi once connected the app requests that the TFT card is installed (located below the main power button). There are four (4) main sections on the app:

  1. Photo – Select an image or capture an image.
  2. Resources – Access to stored shapes etc.
  3. Drawing – Draw with a stylus or finger.
  4. Local Files – Access to locally stored files.


Noise Levels

I recorded the sound levels of the laser in the operation with the air assist set to its maximum. These are only guides and only represent the environmental noise levels in my office.

Atezr V35 Noise Levels

A. The recorded sound levels of the V35w laser head internal fan were taken at a distance of one (1) metre.

B. The recorded sound levels of the V35w laser head internal fan and combined air pump at medium settings were taken at a distance of one (1) metre.

The levels are definitely increased when compared to the lesser powered Atezr P10w laser head and air pump, this is to be expected; ensuring the laser is cooled effectively during operation. These sound levels would be drastically reduced when used in conjunction with the Atezr enclosure.

Laser Engraving and Cutting Tests

The following materials were tested with the Atezr V35w Plus laser machine:

  1. 6mm Basswood
  2. Stainless Steel Tag
  3. Basswood 6mm Clock Face
  4. Blue Slate Coaster
  5. Leather
  6. 2mm Basswood

Basswood Cutting Test – 6mm – Air Assist

The 6mm basswood chosen for this test has excellent uniformity and the surface is clean without any major imperfections that could impact the cutting test. The cutting test was designed and run in Lightburn software. (LightBurn Version 1.4.00)

Atezr V35w Basswood 6mm Cutting Test


I created a test cut pattern in Lightburn, for each circle the power was set at 100 (Constant Power) and the speed increased incrementally from 700 m/s to a maximum of 2400 m/s in one pass. The Atezr V35W Plus made great progress at speeds of 400 – 700 m/s cutting through the 6mm Basswood in one (1) pass. At a speed of 800 m/s, the laser failed to cut through the Basswood, but only just. This provided a baseline for the Power and Speed of the Atezr V35W Plus, I was impressed with the final results.

Atezr V35w Basswood 6mm Cutting Test


Brushed Stainless Steel Tag

The stainless steel tag has a matt brushed finish which is preferred as shiny stainless steel can reflect the laser beam and be ineffective and risks damaging the laser module.


Power 100

Speed 700 m/s

Passes 1


The results were impressive, the detailed etching is sharp and well-defined, and even the faint background test was visible. It took 25 mins to complete the etching. However, this time could be reduced dramatically if using just text, this etching was from an image.

Atezr V35W Stailess Tag


Clock Face – 6mm Basswood

The image file was located in Adobe stock, it’s a geometric clock face with varying angles combined with circular elements. I imported the image into Lightburn and traced the outline.


First Pass 

Power: 100

Speed: 700 m/s

Pass: x 1

Second Pass 

Power: 40

Speed: 3000 m/s

Pass x 1 


The Atezr did a great job on the first pass and cut through the Basswod in most areas. However, I made a second pass with more speed and less power to ensure all the cuts were successful.

Atezr V35W Clock Face


Blue Slate Coaster – Natural Stone

The blue slate coaster is 10cm x 10cm, and the surface of the stone, whilst quite even, does contain some natural undulations. I selected a simple logo design and selected the image to be inversed so the background was etched and not the text and design.


First Pass 

Power: 40

Speed: 5000 m/s

Pass: x 1


The results were fantastic, the negative image is extremely sharp and detailed. Please note that stone particles can adhere to the laser head wind-protective cover and this build-up can result occlude the laser light, please ensure this debris is removed after each stone etching.

Atezr V35W Slate Coaster


Leather Hide

Leather is a natural product, the leather is tanned and dyed in various colours, thicknesses and quality by the producer. I selected a brown leather patch with a thickness of 2mm and a slight sheen.


First Pass 

Power: 20

Speed: 3000 m/s

Pass: x 1


The results were great and the etching is sharp and well defined. The power could be reduced or speed increased as the etching was a little deep on the neck of the buffalo.  The etching was offset to the right, I found it difficult to see the alignment of the laser head through the UV protective glass. It’s an improvement from the previous generation, but the glass reflects light like a mirror. The actual laser beam is not central in the base of the laser, its offset to the right rear. I would Atezr add definitive marks on the outside of the laser housing for quick alignment when the lighting conditions are bright.

Atezr V35W - Leather


Sample Gallery

Please click on the sample images to enlarge them. The sample images are as above plus an engraving on Perpex that I painted with poster paint prior to engraving, this is essential on light-coloured Perpex or glass. Also included is an image of the Buffalo engraved on 2mm Basswood and an engraving of a Metal Business Card.

Improvements, Observations and Recommendations

The Atezr V35W Plus has unequivocally proven to be an exceptional diode laser I have had the opportunity to test. It operates flawlessly, without any unpredictable episodes. It just works as it should.

It is a breeze to assemble in around 15 minutes: manufactured to exacting standards out of premium materials. The belt tension is adjusted in the manufacturing process, saving time in the assembly.

Atezr has significantly improved the focus lever, it is now easy to release from the laser head, which shows that Atezr listens to its customers.

The UV glass has improved visibility when adjusting the laser head start position. However, I would like to see Atezr add permanent markings on the outside of the laser head to assist aligned the start position when it’s difficult to see the laser.

Positives List
  • Simple to build with excellent instructions.
  • Built like a tank and solid as a rock, no untended movement here.
  • The 35W laser is extremely powerful.
  • Simple to operate, user friendly.
  • The new focus lever on the laser head is excellent.
  • Cable management is brilliant.
  • Largest engraving area of 430 x430mm.
  • Fast operating speeds of up to 24800mm/min.
  • Laser Spot 0.06mm*0.1mm.
  • The glass protective shield on the laser head reduces 97% of UV light.
  • Emergency stop button.
  • Compatible with Lighburn, GRBL and Atezr App.
  • No PC is required when using the included control panel.
  • WiFi-enabled.
  • TF card for working offline.
  • Cooling fan to extend the laser head life.
  • Low purchase cost than other laser manufactures
  • It just works.


After conducting a thorough evaluation, it’s abundantly clear that the Atezr V35W Plus has been crafted with remarkable finesse. I must give a big shout-out to the folks at Atezr for their outstanding achievement in creating such an exceptional product. I’ve tested my fair share of lasers, but none even come close to the prowess of the Atezr V35W Plus. It easily outshines every other brand I’ve encountered, firmly establishing itself as a leader in laser technology.

One standout feature that sets the Atezr V35W Plus apart is its user-friendly design. Assembly is a breeze, thanks to the factory’s thoughtful pre-tensioning of the belts for optimal functionality. Each component is clearly marked, making the integration process seamless. And let’s not forget the neatly packaged screws—they’ve really paid attention to the little details.

Now, about the noise from the laser head fan—it’s a bit more pronounced, but it’s completely understandable. With six (yes, count ’em, six!) 6w lasers packed in there, it needs proper cooling. Trust me, the slightly augmented noise is a small price to pay for the superior performance it delivers.

On top of all that, the Atezr V35W Plus flawlessly works with Lightburn, the go-to software for laser control. Unlike other lasers that can be a bit unpredictable, crashing into things and going off on wild adventures, this extraordinary device operates with unparalleled precision and reliability. I’m constantly amazed that when I put Atezr lasers to the test, I encounter zero obstacles or complications. The Atezr team should be incredibly proud of their accomplishments—they’ve truly delivered one of the finest lasers currently available on the market.

In conclusion, the Atezr V35W Plus embodies excellence in both design and performance. Its seamless functionality and unmatched reliability make it a force to be reckoned with. Atezr has truly outdone itself, setting a new standard for laser technology.

Stephen 🙂

Gaelic Memories Photography

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32-Bit Control Board with WIFI

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3.5-Inch Colour Touch Screen

Power Supply

International standard power input: 100-240V AC, 50/60HZ output: 24V*5A

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