Hi, my name is Stephen Baxter, professional photographer and owner of ‘Gaelic Memories Photography’.

My love for photography started way back in the early 70s, owning my first ever camera a Praktica MTL-3, purchased secondhand and a little worse for wear but it inspired me to develop a great love for photography. 

Moving home to Ireland in 2008 rekindled my inspiration for capturing beautiful images. Technology has moved on since the early days, my photographs aim to capture the essence of the Irish landscape, its culture and its history. Digital cameras capture stunning detail and developed on computers, no more chemicals, fragile film or enlargers required.

Gaelic Memories has featured on irishcentral.com the most expansive Irish website in Northern America and featured twice in the ‘Irish Post’ newspaper.  

I have sold my prints worldwide, from Brazil to Japan. I’m proud that ‘Gaelic Memories Photography’ images of Ireland adorn walls across the globe.

Every month I publish a review blog on items related to photography, equipment kindly provided by manufacturers. Please enjoy your visit to our website today, if you have any questions or suggestions please contact me.



Marc Baxter. Ex-director of Sonic Blue Ltd & Sonic Blue Entertaining Ltd. Now happily working with Gaelic Memories Photography as his Promotion and Media Manager Marc (Stephen’s brother) as both an artist and a co-managing director within his previous companies, has a wealth of experience that cross threads multiple genres of performance and art. His portfolio of work has been vastly diverse over the years.

In the past, he has coordinated both homegrown and international events, secured sponsorship and advertising with large brand names such as Marshall Amps, and secured multiple albums releases for artists/bands via China’s 2nd biggest publishing company which in turn lead to shows with attending audiences of 350,000 plus.

Please contact Marc directly to discuss your all promotional or media aspects of the business. We feel these past exploits will contribute to Gaelic Memories and its business growth.